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Lacrosse Sticks Bar Mitzvah Sign In Pillow

Lacrosse Sticks Bar Mitzvah Sign In Pillow
Choose a Sign in Board or Sign in Pillow
ITEM #:Lacrosse Sign In Pillow

Ordering Options (NOTE: Price will depend on the options chosen)

RECTANGLE Sign in Board
12x18 (+$80.00)
16x20 (+$110.00)
16x24 (+$120.00)
18x24 (+$135.00)
20x30 (+$140.00)
24x32 (+$150.00)
24x36 (+$155.00)
30x34 (+$200.00)
SQUARE Sign in Board
20x20 (+$120.00)
24x24 (+$140.00)
30x30 (+$165.00)
32x32 (+$180.00)
36x36 (+$200.00)
CIRCLE Sign in Board
10x10 (+$90.00)
20x20 (+$125.00)
30x30 (+$175.00)
34x34 (+$215.00)
SIGN IN PILLOW - 24x24 (+$140.00)
When is your Event?
Custom Sign in Boards and Sign in Pillows by Cutie Patootie Creations make terrific keepsakes for years to come. 

1) What size do I choose?  We recommend 24x36 & 30x30 for parties over 100 guests.
2) What material is the board? Our boards are foam board and have a luster satin finish.
3) How much space is there for writing? We leave 10"-18" on each side to allow for plenty of signage space.
4) What type of pen is used for signing? We recommend medium sharpies for signing.
5) How do I display the board at my event? Displaying on an easel is great or on a table against a wall. Every venue has an easel that you can use for free.
6) What do I do with the board after my event? All of our boards can be framed after your event. 

1) What material is the pillow cover? The material is cotton/poly
2) What size is the pillow cover? The size is 26x26 (euro size)
3) Where do I but the insert that goes inside? Once you purchase, we will send a link to purchase the insert. They're super cheap.
4) What type of pen is used for signing? We recommend medium sharpies for signing.
5) Why choose a pillow verse the board? Both are great options. The kids tend to use the pillow more than the board for leaning on while gaming or hanging out. You also have the option of removing the insert and folding up the pillow cover and putting it away as a keepsake. Also, you don't need to have a "space" for the Pillow Cover in your home like you do with the Sign in Board.

1) We can personalize our Sign in Boards or Sign in Pillows with your logo or our logo. If we are using your logo, please email your high resolution logo to [email protected] "after" you place your order. 
2) Have an idea in mind but you don't see it on our website? We specialize in custom. Contact us to discuss - [email protected] or call 704.776.0738.

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