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When planning your Mitzvah do you need to have a theme?

Posted by Stephanie Feldman - Owner/Designer on 6/25/2019
When planning your Mitzvah do you need to have a theme?

When you first begin planning your event, you may have a lot of questions surrounding a “theme”. Do you have to have one? Is it ok to not have one? What if you don’t want one? Often times you may go to other events where the theme is carried throughout the entire party. This could be intimidating especially when you are not sure what you’d want your theme to be or if you even want one at all. Themes are great when your child has a certain interest, hobby or sport but often times this is not the case. 

We have been seeing more and more of our clients doing their parties based on their child’s favorite colors as well as taglines using their child’s name. We recently worked with a client who is a gymnast and she wanted her theme based on the colors of her favorite gymnast's leotard. The mom gave us a photo of the leotard and we created the Bat Mitzvah girls invitations based off of those colors as well as the pattern of the leotard.

We made her vision come to life by creating this Invitation Suite.


Ideas like this, really are everywhere and can be just a mix of 2 or 3 of your child’s favorite colors. When you get frustrated because your child does not want to commit to anything, try to approach it from the angle of simply talking about their favorite colors, and it may be a huge help.

When in doubt, you can always use alliteration and play off of their name and base your party on a creative tagline such as ZACHARY Night Live, One exJORDANary Night, One GABulous Night, HALEYwood, and more. It is another way to creatively approach the idea of a theme while not overwhelming yourself but yet still keeping it very personal to your child. While the idea of a theme is a large decision, it isn’t something you should not have to agonize over. We hope these tips and ideas will help you as you begin your mitzvah planning adventure.

You can start planning your Bar or Bat Mitzvah with our FREE Mitzvah Planning Checklist which will help keep you organized during your planning process.

Do have an idea in mind for your upcoming event and not sure where to start? We would LOVE to help you! Contact Cutie Patootie Creations today and let us bring your vision to life!