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What you need to know when ordering mitzvah invitations online

Posted by Stephanie Feldman - Owner/Designer on 4/5/2018
What you need to know when ordering mitzvah invitations online

So, let’s talk online shopping. Everyone does it. You can get practically anything you’ll ever need on the great wide web these days. And now that most online retailers make it easy to return items that don’t fit the bill, there’s even less of a risk partaking in a little online shopping spree.

But some things are a little trickier to buy online, and invitations are assumed to be one of them. I get it, the whole process used to be a little different. You’d visit a cute little paper shop, sit down with a friendly sales associate, and flip through a thick binder of all the different options. You’d get to experience all the colors and feel the weight of the luxury paper in your hand. You knew what to expect, and you could trust the process.

But online ordering is dominating the market these days. There are countless online companies offering the paper goods you need with more variety than a brick and mortar shop. But how do you know which company is the right fit for your bar or bat mitzvah event? It is definitely possible to successfully order invitations online and love the results (and the experience). You just need to go in armed with the right information!

What types of online invitations are out there?

A quick Google search can leave you dizzy with options. But it’s important to know that not all invitation companies operate the same. And while it’s in our nature to shop by price, doing just that during this process can sometimes lead to an invitation disaster. (And no one wants that…)

Large-scale companies can hook you with coupons that are hard to turn down. And while this might be a fine option if you’re in search of a simple invitation and you know exactly what you want; just be mindful that these types of companies don’t offer the same level of personalized customer service as an independently owned online shop. You’re limited to pre-made designs that often look factory produced.

Look for the company’s order process on their website. Be sure to pay attention to order minimums and how they work with clients. Do they require high-volume orders? Do they work by appointment only? These things are important to be mindful of as you make your selection.

Determine if an email invitation suits your needs. Evites are a great option for small at-home parties and for international guests. But when it comes to your larger scale events (like a mitzvah), it’s best to stick with a paper invitation. Email invitations can often land in spam folders totally unbeknownst to the recipient. And the last thing you want for your mitzvah is for your invitation to go completely overlooked. While this may be the route you want to go if you’re on a very strict budget, just keep in mind that the invitation sets the tone for what’s ahead.

Some online companies, including boutique companies like Cutie Patootie Creations, offer a much more personalized experience. With these companies, you often get direct correspondence with the designer, full range to customize your design, and some even offer paper samples by request. Because these companies are typically smaller operations, someone is usually accessible to you via email and/or phone. These independently owned boutique companies are just about as close as you can get to that old-fashioned in-house ordering experience we’re all used to, though the champagne isn’t usually included. ;)

What to include on the invitation?

Designing the invitation: While you can use your logo for the invitation, many customers chose to wait, saving the logo reveal for the party. Most often, families will use the colors for the theme but leave the theme itself as a surprise. If you’d prefer, you can always choose to keep the invitations and coordinating cards more formal and leave the fun to the party.

Physical vs. virtual RSVP cards: This is always a great debate. There are plenty of virtual options like special websites you can use to manage the RSVPs for your party. You can also choose to set up a mitzvah-specific email address for your guests to use to send their RSVP. This is a neat option because you can correspond with your guests as they reply. Virtual responses are great, but one major downfall is that many guests may forget to respond without the physical card, so you’ll need to be organized to hunt them down.

Physical RSVPs are still leading the industry. It’s no secret that the older generation folks aren’t the most tech-savvy, so virtual responses can be daunting for them. And truthfully, the kids still like to get the cards in the mail; it adds a lot of excitement in the anticipation of the event. Physical RSVPs also make it easy for guests who aren’t able to make it to include a check for the mitzvah child.

What inserts to include: We generally recommend including an invitation, RSVP card/stamped envelope, hotel/weekend event card with room block and brunch information, and a bus card if the children are being bussed from the temple to the party. If you live in an area where there aren’t a lot of mitzvahs, including a “what is a mitzvah” card and a “what to wear to the service/party” card is always a great idea.

Timing - We recommend that invitations be sent out 10 weeks before your event. Keep in mind, the RSVP date should be 3-4 weeks before so that you will have ample time to order the favors, place cards, the appropriate food choices, and anything else you may need the final numbers for.

Stamps - How much does your invitation suite weigh? We recommend waiting until you receive them in the mail then taking them to the post office and weigh them. Custom stamps can be ordered online to match your invitation suite - many times people will use their logo, but if you are waiting for the party for the logo reveal, you can use your child’s initials. Many of the websites that sell stamps often have coupons, so be on the lookout for those.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry. I got you covered. Order your mitzvah invites online with confidence with Cutie Patootie Creations.

With Cutie Patootie Creations, you can always expect:

  • One of a kind designs

  • Free customization of colors, fonts, and patterns

  • High-quality paper

  • Top notch customer service with lightning fast response times

  • Quick turnarounds

  • Digital proofs of your designs

*You can always order a sample of any invitation design you’re considering or a sample paper pack so you can see and feel our high-quality paper in person.

Collaboration. I believe in bringing your vision to life exactly as you see it, and sometimes that requires some back and forth. I recognize that it can feel daunting to purchase something so unique and personal online. Cutie Patootie Creations will work with you until you’re happy.

A partner in the process. Have a gazillion questions? Fire away! I want you to feel 100% comfortable with every creative decision. I’m here for you from start to finish with attentive and exceptionally responsive customer service.

Access to industry experts. I’m rooted deep in the world of all things mitzvah, and you get it all when we work together. From party planning advice to wholesale resources, everything you need is at your disposal.

While I can only offer that old-fashioned flip book experience to clients local to Charlotte, I do my very best to take the fear out of purchasing invitations online for my nationwide customers. But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it—see what others have had to say.

Ready to get started? Shop my bar & bat mitzvah invitation selections here!

Find more in-depth information about our mitzvah invitation ordering process here.

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